Step 1: Choose a Domain Name
What is a domain name?
  For all practical purposes, a "domain name" is a unique "Web address" of your website in the Internet.
  That was a very informal definition that is not 100% technically correct but that works for most folks. For a more precise definition, please visit Wikipedia.
What does it look like?
  A domain name will look like, although the actual words can be made out of word or letter combinations.
  Like your own phone number (which is made out of a group of numbers), your domain name must be of a unique combination of letters or words.
  The last part of the domain name, in our example the ".com" part, is usually referred as a "domain extension" (top-level domain for the technical people). We recommend using ".com" ".net" for companies and ".org" for non-profits.
How should I register my domain name?
  You may send us a list of 10 preferred name combinations to us so we can search your list of potential domain names for you. We'll tell you which domain names are available so you made the final decision.
  If you wish, you may do your own domain name search in any authorized domain name registrar. We use, but you may use any registrar of your choice. For a list of accredited registrars, please visit the ICANN Website.