Step 3: Send Us Your Content and Graphs
Content is king
  There is no doubt about it: Your visitors will go to your website for your content, not because of the fancy graphics it might have. If you really want to see your website successful, you will have to do your homework, that is, you will have to provide your own content.
What was that about content?
  Fax, mail or email us some information about your business: Who you are; where you are located; what you do; what you sell or what service you provide; how a visitor may contact you, etc. This is the very basic information every Website should have as a minimum.
  We also suggest to explain in plain English why your website's visitor should visit your physical store or to purchase one of your products online; why you provide a better service than your competitors; what are your own personal/company's policy on returned items, etc. It does take time to convince a potential customer/client to do business with you. When appropriate, use your website as a marketing tool, not only as an informative resource.
What about the pics?
  You will also need to send us your company logo, and any graphics or photos you will like to see included in your website. If possible, please let us know in what part of your website you would like to see these graphics added.
  For logos, photos and other graphics, please send us high quality copies of your graphics. Of course, if you wish to mail us your graphics, you can do so, and we'll gladly scan your graphics (although some quality might be lost in the process).
Template add-ons, mods and extra features
  Please let us also know of any additional items you will like to have in your website. This may include logo creation/modification, contact forms, online calculators, website translations, additional web pages, etc.
  After you send us the template of your choice, together with the content and graphics you will like to include in your site, we'll contact you with an estimate of how much it will cost you to develop your website. You may find our contact information in our section Contact Us.
Payment terms
  To begin working in your project, please notice that we'll typically require a 50% deposit with order and balance due on completion - when you are completely happy with our product. For websites projects in a price range larger than $500, the payment terms depend on each project.
  Please let us know if you have any questions, problems, concerns or suggestions about our website or about how to serve you better.